Bamboo Yixing Teapot

An inscribed Yixing purple clay teapot with bamboo motif, set with a bamboo shaped handle, spout and cover finial.

  • Stand not included.
  • c1980.

16.0 x 11.0 x 9.0 cm

Zisha  teapots (a purple-sand clay found only in Yixing) have the unique characteristic that a tiny amount of tea is absorbed into the pot during brewing. After prolonged use, the teapot  will develop a coating that retains the flavor and color of the tea. It is for this reason that soap/chemicals should not be used to clean Zisha teapots. Instead, it should be rinsed with fresh water and allowed to air-dry after use.

Caring for your Purple Clay Teapot

Cleaning prior to first use.

Purple clay teapots are very porous thus strong chemicals and soaps should never be used for the scent may permanently infuse into the pot.  Prior to the first use, rinse several times with clean water to remove sand and dirt from the manufacturing process.  Next, put it into a pot of boiling water (off the stove) to deep clean.  Next, brew a couple of pots of your favorite tea and allow it to stand for a few minutes and discard.  After this, your new teapot is primed and ready to go.  Use only one type of tea for each teapot to prevent cross mixing of flavors for best results.

General Cleaning.

Cleaning of the pot involves removing old leaves and rinsing the pot with water only.   Do not use soaps.  Allow to dry with lid off.  You will notice a dark patina forming with repeated use.  Do not wash this off for this is the flavor of the tea infused into the clay.  The more you use the pot, the deeper the patina and the more flavorful the tea will become. 

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